Dental Anxiety

For some people going to the dentist can be a very scary and intimidating proposition.  Why?  Maybe they’ve had a poor dental experience in the past. Maybe they haven’t been listened to and their fears haven’t been addressed. Maybe they’ve heard awful dental horror stories.  Maybe they feel a lack of control.  The list could go on and on.

What can you do if you feel fearful and anxious regarding dental visits?

Do your homework. Choose an office which suits your needs. Choose one that has good reviews and referrals from people you know.  At our office we feel the first contact you make with us could very well be the most important.  A cheerful, understanding and compassionate voice has a powerful impact on reducing one’s dental fears.  Feel free to ask questions.  Most importantly, take pride in reaching out and making contact.

Be honest.  When you fill out your paperwork and meet our staff, be honest.  Know that we take your concerns seriously. Let us know your goals, fears, apprehensions and past experiences.  As your story unfolds, we can better formulate a plan of treatment specific to your needs. Know we are listening.  The journey we take in addressing your oral health needs is a partnership.  Know that if you are not comfortable, neither are we.

Lay the groundwork. As partners, devise a treatment plan that minimizes your anxiety.  This might include listening to music, taking frequent breaks, bringing a friend or relative with you, or scheduling early in the day.  These are but a few suggestions.

Work in small increments.  Once the groundwork has been laid and concerns addressed, now you have to have treatment.  My suggestion is to start slow and take it easy.  Initially, make your appointments short and manageable.

Be in control. To successfully overcome or handle fear one needs to be in control of particular situations.  As a dental team, we will listen to your needs and concerns and tailor your dental treatment to meet these.  Know that if today is not the day we will not force treatment. Know that if you need to stop, we will stop. If you need a rest, we will rest. Remember making your visit comfortable makes our job easier as well.

Be regular. Once you have embarked on your dental journey stay the course.  Being regular and proactive lets your dental team diagnose and treat problems at the very earliest stage, keeping treatment simple and inexpensive.

Be proud. Dealing with and overcoming fear of any sort is no easy feat.  We will be by your side throughout the process, hoping to make each visit as comfortable and positive as possible.