Whitening or bleaching is a process which makes teeth look whiter. Many practices and techniques are available.  At our office, however, we have found the technique which is most cost effective and long lasting is a home bleaching system.  Trays are made to fit each individual mouth and bleach gel is placed in the tray which are then worn for 1 – 1 1/2 hours per day or until patients see their desired result.  The process can be repeated  when teeth appear to discolor.

The process has proved effective for most people, however there can be side effects.  The most common side effect is irritation of the gum tissue and/or mild tooth sensitivity.  Not everyone is a candidate for whitening.  If you have gum recession, sensitive teeth or multiple existing restorations, bleaching may not be for you. Please ask our dental team if you are a candidate for bleaching.

Our office is also proud to be part of the Kemple Memorial Children’s Dental Clinic Brighter Smiles Campaign.  Every year from May through June we offer whitening systems for $200.  This money goes directly to the Kemple Clinic to provide dental care for children in need.

It goes without saying that whatever option of whitening you choose, maintaining good oral hygiene is important. Brush twice daily, floss or use an interproximal cleaner and visit your dentist regularly.