Choices, choices, choices . . . If you are diagnosed to have decay on a tooth, you have options to restore that tooth back to health and function.  Our team will provide you with information so you can make an informed decision on which type of material to use in order to repair your teeth.  Typically the factors which go into deciding on a material are based on size and location of the affected tooth, cosmetic considerations, longevity of the filling, insurance coverage and possible out of pocked expenses.

Common dental filling materials are:

  • Composite resins or tooth colored fillings:  There are made of resin with glass or quartz fillers.  They provide excellent esthetics, strength and function.  They are however, more expensive and typically last 3-10 years.
  • Amalgam or silver fillings:  These are made up of a combination of metals which include mercury, silver, tin and copper.  They provide good longevity at a lower cost.  Typically these fillings are done on posterior teeth. Note: Amalgam fillings have had a lot of recent publicity, please ask about this.
  • Gold or porcelain fillings.  Typically these are much more expensive but offer greater longevity.