Crowns or “caps” are dental restorations that cover a tooth and restore it back to its normal size, shape and function.  It can strengthen or improve the appearance of a tooth.  Crowns are usually done when the tooth can no longer support a filling.  In addition crowns are done on weak teeth to prevent them from fracturing.

Crowns are typically made from several materials:

  • Ceramic crowns: offer wonderful esthetics especially in from teeth.
  • Zironcia crowns: These are very strong, conservative and offer good esthetics.
  • Gold crowns: These are tried and true.  They are conservative in their preparation and provide excellent wear with opposing teeth.

Crowns usually are done in two appointments.  During the first appointment, the teeth will be anesthetized and prepared.  Usually 1-2mm of tooth structure will be removed depending on the type of restoration.  Once prepared, an impression will be taken and you will leave the office with a temporary crown. Once our laboratory has made you final customized crown we will try the crown in your mouth to assure good fit and esthetics.  When we are all satisfied with the new crown, it will be cemented into place with a strong dental adhesive.

With proper care your new crown should offer years of use.