We accept most dental insurances. We are not, however, on every PPO or HMO plan, but we will be glad to help you with your insurance regardless of the particular plan.
Please arrive to your first appointment 15 minutes early so you can meet our staff and complete any necessary paperwork.
For the first appointment, please make sure to bring photo ID, patient information form, dental insurance confirmation, completed health history form, HIPAA consent and patient authorization form.
Your first appointment is usually one hour. It is a time for us to get to know you, review your medical and dental history, and perform a thorough clinical and radiographic examination.
Going to the dentist is preventive in nature. With regular and consistent appointments, most dental problems can be detected at an early stage.
Radiographs or X-rays are taken so we can see what is not visible to our eyes during a visual examination. X-rays allow us to see areas of decay in between teeth, the height of bone relative to the teeth, infections in the bone, abscesses or cysts, developmental defects or abnormalities and some types of tumors.
We recommend children visit the dentist when they begin to get teeth. Usually visits to the dentist at an early age get kids used to the office and the people who work here. It is our goal that we make appointments for children as fun as possible (this goes for adults as well).
After your initial exam the dental team will formulate a treatment plan based on your needs. We hope you will be an active participant in establishing this plan.
Fluoride is a mineral which is found naturally in water and some foods. Fluoride has been found to have huge benefits in preventing or reducing decay in people's teeth.
Sealants are a flowable resin material which helps seal deep grooves or fissures in teeth, making them easier to keep clean and protect them from decay-causing bacteria. Typically sealants are done on children's permanent teeth shortly after they erupt.
Dental amalgam or "silver fillings" have been used for years by dentists. They have been proven to be safe, effective and cost efficient. There has been a lot of publicity regarding amalgam recently and we would be happy to answer any questions you might have. There are many good alternatives to amalgam as well.
Certain conditions require use of an antibiotic premedication prior to dental treatment. This is done to help prevent adverse effects which may be caused by bacteria entering the blood stream during dental treatments. Please consult with your dentist and physician regarding the potential use of an antibiotic prophylaxis.
Congratulations! Pregnancy, however, can cause pregnancy gingivitis. This can cause swelling, redness and bleeding in the gum tissue. A more advanced condition called periodontal disease can have a negative impact on your developing child. Regular dental care during your pregnancy should be a priority for you and the health of your child.
Typically, if you are missing a tooth, we will discuss the following options with you: dental implants, bridges and / or partial dentures.
Dental implants are quite successful and have a great long term prognosis. They do, however, have to be maintained and cared for meticulously.
If you should have a dental emergency after regular business hours, please call our office, listen to the message and follow the instructions on how to call and at what number.
Many people are fearful of the dentist. We hope to ease your fears by providing you with a warm and relaxing environment. We will explain each procedure and let you be in control of your treatment.
Silver Diamine Fluoride has caught everyone's attention recently. It is a minimally invasive option for treatment of dental caries. Basically applying SDF to a carious lesion arrests the decay. No injections or drilling is needed. It does, however, turn the carious tooth structure black. This, of course, can be removed or covered at a later date.
Our office makes every effort to stay abreast of new advances in technology and products in the dental field. We attend continuing education courses, conferences and subscribe to multiple journals to stay current.
If a situation presents itself where we feel a referral to a specialist is needed, rest assured our specialists are some of the best. The referral process is easy and know that you will be cared for at these offices with professionalism and compassion.