The New Year can mean so many things to each of us.  For me it is a chance to reflect and reboot.  Every year is filled with highs and lows, some controllable and others not so much.  I try to learn from these experiences without over analyzing them. Each new year brings us the opportunity to make some changes to our lives.  

Resolution is defined as a firm decision to do or not do something. Some of these New Year’s resolutions may be to volunteer, give back to your community, donate to a local charity, have a conversation with a stranger, agree to disagree with a political foe, step out of your comfort box, try something new, go to a new place, forgive, read a good book, smile more, drive with less aggression, compliment more often, be less critical, reach out to your friends… The list could go on and on. Oh, don’t forget to include to get in better shape and lose some extra pounds. 

We make these resolutions with great intention and conviction, but many of us fail to carry them out over the long term.  No worries, there is always tomorrow, next week, month or year to try again. The great thing about resolutions is even though some may be personal and others public, in the end no one is keeping track of them.  Embrace a struggle or challenge.  As it plays out and eventually resolves, we tend to become stronger and better.   We just need to keep trying to improve ourselves and make the world a better place. Try to make each day the most important one.

May this New Year be filled with hope, love, happiness and peace!